Nothing's Better Than...Cocktails

Today is the last day of the Retirement List! 

Did you get everything you want?  Don't forget about those retiring colors.  For me, I'll be missing Misty Moonlight the most.  Which color will you miss the most?  The items from Retirement List are still live.  They are available until tonight, or while supplies last.  

But get ready.  Tomorrow the new Annual Catalog goes live!  I'm excited for it.  The new In-Colors are gorgeous!  I thought 3 new blues was unusual, but they are completely different from each other.  I can't wait to see how you feel about them.

Say good-bye to Just Jade and Magenta Madness.  They will be forever missed.

I'm glad the Better Than Nothing stamp set is be carrying forward to the next Annual Catalog.  It's one that needs to be used more often.  It's such fun to use.

What' so fun is that the cocktails can be stamped using any color.  Make them fun!  Can you image a blue cocktail?  I sure can.  I went for the summery lemonade this time.  

I couldn't help myself.  This stamp just had to go on the inside.  Don't we all feel this way some days?  I know my girls would agree with this sentiment.  Between jobs and apartments, it's been a crazy time for both of them.

Click on the above pictures for dimensions and instructions.

Until next time...Stampin' Always,

Cheryl, HomeStyle Stamper

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Dragonfly Garden and Soft Pastels

What a weekend.  I helped with a rummage sale on Friday.  It was cold, windy and not the turnout we had hoped.  Saturday, we set up again and the wind was even worse.  We were afraid of it taking the tent.  Winds and tents so freak me out!  So, after setting the sale up, we turned around and closed it back up.  I had advertised on Facebook Marketplace - Rain or Shine.  That was correct.  We would have been open if it was just that.  It was the wind that scared us into closing.  

I've had these Soft Pastels for quite some time and never used them.  I'm the only one who does that right?

To start out, I tried a super easy card.  I chose three colors to work with.  Bermuda Bay, Granny Apple Green and Daffodil Delight.  I colored my Basic White paper with the three pastels.

With the largest water painter, just color over the pastels to blend them together.  This is what my paper looked like after I blended the colors together.  Make sure you let it dry before you stamp the dragonflies.

The simplicity of the black dragonflies against the color was my intention.  They almost look like dragonfly silhouettes.

The sentiment is from the Sensational Swirls stamp set.  Simple and sweet.  Just like the card.

Click on the above picture for dimenisions and instructions.

Until next time...Stampin' Always,

Cheryl, HomeStyle Stamper

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Polished Pink Tulip Fields


Pink is one of my favorite color of tulips.  It just makes them a happy flower.  

We did this card in April's club.  I wanted to use this stamp set, but having every row of tulips a different color just wasn't a possibility.  So, that is why you see the field of Polish Pink tulips.

Some of my people decided they as much as they liked this stamp set, they didn't want to own it.  And that is what club is about.  Using things you normally wouldn't choose to.  It gets people out of their comfort zone and making them try something new.

The blades of the windmill was hard challenging to keep the waste of the Basic White paper to a minimum.  I hate wasting paper.   The tulips are stamped on one piece of Basic White and this is matted on a second piece of Basic White.  I had my club people cut the blades from the mat, second piece of Basic White.  If you put it on looking like an "X" the cut out pieces won't show when you adhere the stamped tulip piece.

I did this stamp set when cutting the base of the windmill.  Cut the base from the Early Espresso the Basic White is adhered to.  No one will know those pieces aren't solid cardstock.  

What's the best way to adhere the Crumb Cake windmill piece to the base?  Adhesive sheets!  Add some to the Crumb Cake  and then cut out with the Cut & Emboss machine.  Instant sticker.  

For the inside, stamp the sentiment and also a few rows of the tulips.  

Click on the above picture for dimensions and instructions.

Until next time...Stampin' Always,

Cheryl, HomeStyle Stamper

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Last Chance Products

For a change, we had great weather this weekend!  It felt so good turning off the heat and opening the windows and doors.  My husband even went outside and got some stuff done too.  So, if he's outside doing that, it has to be decent weather!  Megan spent Saturday sanding one of the table she bought for her new apartment.  Now the hard part is deciding how to finish the table.  She's painting white on the inside, but debating on the outside.  Stain, paint, one or both.  Decision making is not her forte.  

I hope you haven't forgotten about the Retirement List!  There are some products on the list that are 50% off!  That is a fabulous deal.  

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Stock up on your In-Color products that will be retiring too.  I will be mourning the loss of Misty Moonlight the most.  Just Jade will also be sorely missed and  Cinnamon Cider was growing on me more and more the past few months.   That's just my luck, starting to really like a color and it goes bye-bye.   Grab the cardstock, ink pads and even blender pens while they last!  

The Retirement List goes through May 2nd.  Or while the products last.  Which ever comes first.  Some things have already sold out, so don't wait.  So many products that include the retiring In-Colors usually don't last till the end.

Have you received you new Annual Catalog?  I still have some available if you want to contact me.  There's nothing better than getting a brand new catalog in your hands to look at.  Definitely isn't the same as looking online either. 

Mark your calendars.  This new catalog goes live starting on May 3rd.  

Until next time...Stampin' Always,

Cheryl, HomeStyle Stamper




Tasty Thursday - Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots

For Easter dinner I was bored with the typical side dishes.  My husband wanted mashed potatoes.  Yawn.  Because of lactose intolerant people, I have to keep in dairy.  Or at least very minimal.  That excludes any recipes that involve Cream of Mushroom soup, or any of the sort.  So many people try to give me recipes, but as soon as I hear it includes any kind of cream soup, it's a no.  

Megan wanted fresh green beans, and I was just fine with that.  The grocery store actually had some decent looking ones.  Just heating some other vegetable up was just blah.  

I searched Pinterest for vegetables an came up with this one.

Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots

2 lbs Carrots washed and peeled

​1/2 cup Brown Sugar

​1/4 cup Butter

​1/2 tsp Salt

1 1/2 cup Water

  • Slice the carrots into 1/2? thick slices and place them in a large skillet. Add the water to the skillet. Cover and medium high heat until the carrots are simmering.

  • Continue to cook over medium heat for approximately 8-10 minutes or until the carrots are tender.

  • Drain off any excess water.

  • Then stir in the brown sugar, butter and salt. Stir to coat the carrots in the butter and seasoning.

  • Cook for an additional 4-5 minutes until the sauce has formed and thickened some.

  • Serve warm and enjoy!    

The recipe was pretty easy and didn't take long to make.  I did use regular carrots, not the baby carrots.  Those are great for snacking, but the regular carrots definitely have much more flavor. 

My mistake was that I cut the carrots just a little too thin.  I know cooked carrots are typically cut a bit thicker, and I should have done that.  Mine just were a little bit over cooked.  They would have been perfect if they were cut thicker.  I will keep that in mind when I make them again.  

I found the recipe at

Until next time...Stampin' Always,

Cheryl, HomeStyle Stamper

Tulip Fields are in bloom

The tulips aren't quite in bloom here yet.  I couldn't believe the snow showers we had yesterday!  And with it being mid April.  Guess Mother Nature doesn't like Wisconsin all too well.  

This card was a challenge.  A good one, but still a challenge.

I've been watching some videos to see how other people stamp these rows of tulips.  It can be quite tricky!  This is how I do this.

First, stamp the top row that goes all the way across.    Then stamp the row that goes directly down the middle.  Now comes the inside rows and the most tricky.  Line up the edge of the actual stamp with the previously stamped image.   DO NOT line up the tulips on the stamp.  By lining up the actual stamp edge leaves just enough of a separation between the tulip rows.  Keep in mind to lineup the upper tip as well.

But again, it's a hand stamped card so it shouldn't be perfect.  Mine definitely isn't!  A few rows are close together and you can see a few tulips didn't stamp well in the right corner.  These little imperfections make it even more special.

Remember those adhesive sheets I talked about in my last post?  I can't imagine adhering the fence any other way!  Stick the adhesive to the card stock, cut out the fence, peel and stick to the cardbase.  Seriously, it can't get any easier than that.  I highly suggest putting them on your wish List, if you haven't already.

Click on the above picture for dimensions and instructions.

Until next time...Stampin' Always,

Cheryl, HomeStyle Stamper

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!  Hope you had a fabulous holiday.

When I was in South Carolina, my aunt gave me her cast iron lamb cake mold!!  I was so excited!  There were many years when I made this cake with my grandma.  We decorated it, packed it in a Girl Scout cookie box and drove out to Pittsburgh for Easter with this in the trunk.  Remarkably, it always survived the 12 hour drive.  I did have to share a picture with my aunt and cousins since they didn't believe that I would make it.  My recipe was pretty vague, but I got the general idea of what to do.  Tip:  Don't substituted almond milk for regular milk.  It didn't turn out the first time, so I was glad there was time to make a second cake.

Each month, my club hostess has to give me an idea of what they want me to do in club.  This time I was challenged to use one of three Easter stamp sets she had.  It was definitely a challenge because I hadn't owned any one of those!  

The stamp set I chose was called Blessed Easter.  It was actually a wood block stamp.  Remember those?  It made us appreciate the clear stamps.  I colored the stamp with three of the In-Colors that will be retiring next month.  

Actually, most of the card is made using soon-to-be retired supplies.  Misty Moonlight, Magenta Madness, and Just Jade are retiring colors.  Also the In Good Taste DSP sill be gone.  It has actually been around for 2-3 years and that is long in DSP time!  All the same, I will see it go.

One very new item are the tulip cut outs along the bottom.  At first glance, you think they would be a nightmare to adhere to any card or project.  I just want to say two words:


Have you heard of them?  They have been in my room for a year and completely forgotten about.  Big Mistake!  I just add a strip of the adhesive sheet on the back of a piece of cardstock.  Cut out the image with the die and Cut & Emboss machine, adhesive sheet on the bottom.  They turn any die cut into a sticker!  No messy glue to deal with.  Fabulous!  In fact, I ordered an additional sheets since they will be going up in price next month.  

Don't have them?  Take another look.  I consider them a hidden gem in the Annual Catalog.

And also don't forget about them like I did.

Hope you had a Blessed Easter yourself.

Click on the above picture for dimensions and instructions.

Until next time...Stampin' Always,

Cheryl, HomeStyle Stamper

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Blessed Easter
Blessed Easter
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Sentimental Swirls in Blues

It was kind of crazy last night during my stamping club.  I couldn't find my tulip dies anywhere!  I practically tore apart my stamp room looking for them.  That's what I get for doing my deep clean!  Finally, they were found with some other stamp sets that I borrowed from one of my club people.  Whew!  That crisis was over.  The next crazy thing was that I planned a card that needed quite a few pieces cut out using the Cut & Emboss machines.  Both machines were in use quite a bit.  And that was with me cutting out quite a few things ahead of time.

We still had a fabulous time.

My good friend's birthday was last week.  I made this card for her.

Sentimental Swirls.  It really caught my eye in the Mini Catalog.  It's swirly, but not frilly.  Does that make any sense?  

This time, I used the main swirl.  I didn't add any extra swirls, but I was tempted.  Instead, I opted for the flowers and bird.  The bird is really cute, sitting on top of the swirl.    

Did you know the two smaller flowers can be cut out with the Strawberry Builder punch?  Fabulous idea!!  I love when a punch has multiple used.  Those flowers are adhered by using mini dimensionals.   The larger flower is stamped directly to the Basic White.

Do you know what 2020-2022 In-Color I will be missing the most?  MISTY MOONLIGHT. I'm hoping SU! will be doing a color refresh and bring it back.  

Here it's paired with Pool Party.  Clean and simple color pallette.  

Don't forget the rhinestones!  Along with the three, I added them to the inside of the flowers.  

Click on the above picture for dimensions and instructions.

Until next time...Stampin' Always,

Cheryl, HomeStyle Stamper

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