Productively killing time

Today I finally made it down to my stamp room.  I haven't spent much time there this past week.  So I was excited but at the same time undermotivated.  Couldn't find much inspiration.  

So I thought, what should I work on?  What do I have coming up?  

In April I'll be doing some swaps.  I thought I could get a start on those, but didn't really feel like designing a card.  The only thing I knew was that I wanted to use the Fruit Basket stamp set.  This is what I spent time doing.  Making fruit.

I didn't count how many of each I made, but there is quite a few.  All the strips of paper is scraps that I couldn't bring myself to throw away.  Now I know it was for a reason.  By stamping on the strips the correct way, I could go down the row and punch them all out.  It's probably over a whole sheet of Whisper White that I saved.  

The fruit is kind of putzy, but in the mood that I was in today, it was perfect.  I accomplished something, just not the finished product.  But when I do get to the card, I got a huge head start!  And of course, I'll post it.  

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I was sad to see my daughter go back to college, but she'll be back in 3 weeks.  She always texts me so I know she got there safely.  

Until next time...Stampin' Always,

Cheryl, HomeStyle Stamper