Fun Mail

Doesn't everyone love fun mail?  I received this card from my upline, Lyssa Zwolanek last week.  I just bought this stamp set and framelet, but  haven't had time to play with it yet.  Love the sunglasses.  They are just adorable.  

It's kind of a crazy week for me.  I don't have to work any more this week at my job.  But the other job starts now.  Getting 2 girls ready to move back to college.  Megan leaves Thursday and Alyssa leaves Friday.  They are ready to get back to school, but I will miss them like crazy.  So far my living room is filled with Megan's stuff that we have to finish getting everything together, reorganize it all, and start packing the cars.  Once that is done, Alyssa can bring her stuff upstairs and then it starts all over with her.  

Crazy week so I don't know how much I will be posting while this is going on.  Still don't know if I like this empty nest stuff, but there's anothing I can do about it. Already can't wait for them to come home for the weekends.

Until next time...Stampin' Always

Cheryl, HomeStyle Stamper